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ABC Chiropractic Corp.

Dr. George E. Raquel, D.C.

About Dr. Raquel

Dr.George E. Raquel provides quality care to his patients. He and his staff offer help to individuals with back problems, but specialize in automobile and/or job related injuries. At ABC Chiropractic Corp., our main goal is to help you get your life back with less stress to your spine!

About Me

"Let the Power of Chiropractic light your way to Health!"


Our Services

We accept VA Insurance as well!

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We Treat The Following Conditions:

- Slipped disc

- Herniated dsic

- Disc buldge

- Mid and Low BACK PAIN

- Neck Pain

Are you suffering with back pain?

Is getting out of bed now a painful task to do?

Dr. Gerorge E. Raquel can help you feel better and get you back enjoying a pain free life.

Along with back related injuries,
Dr. George E. Raquel also specailizes in...

- Work Related Injuries

- Automobile Accident Injuries


Welcome to ABC Chiropractic Corp.!

We're here to help!

Get in Touch

94 - 216 Farrington Hwy, Ste B-103

Waipahu, HI 96797

Phone: (808)676-1717

Fax: (808)678-1122

M - F: 9AM - 5PM

SAT: 9AM - 1PM


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